Meet NosVoid team

NosVoid Lead Team

SvC - Lead Developer


Purge - Client Modder / Community Manager

Official type servers hater, that's all you need to know.

Revox - Client Modder

I take care of client modding and database works. I also hate tickets

OgetayK - Game Designer

I take care of Game Design and a lot of things that you don't see. I'm also nitro king of NosVoid

NosVoid Admin Team

Killrog - Website Developer

Creator of NosVoid Website and every works related to NosVoid Website.

Decameron - Team Manager

Last purge bender

Nayla - Junior Team Manager

I'm ticket hunter, i love to help NosVoid community in any way.

DarkLegend - Game Designer

Just a guy who likes PvP and NosTale.

Astraea - Super Game Master & Game Designer

Big (d) afk player, bot banner and best French GM. Foxes and tattoos lover.

NosVoid Team (Game Masters)

Flashkun - Game Master

Mage but PVE :kappa:

Drecker - Game Master

The main difference between PvE and PvP player is that the first one fights vs himself to achieve his best version of himself while the second one just wanna be better than others.

Senka - Game Master

Leader of pizzas.

Iremia - Game Master

Polack and pve abuser.

Sikario - Game Master

Pierogi and kebab enjoyer.

NosVoid Support Team

LittleKiki - Game Supporter


Galete - Game Supporter

Spanish mafia

Dana&Kai - Game Supporter

Spanish, lovely and helpful Game Supporter.

Exodias - Game Supporter

Best Thai monk player.

Nanke - Game Supporter

Just pizza.

Perry - Game Supporter


Biinshy - Game Supporter

Python destroyer

Fekeno - Game Supporter


Shelby - Game Supporter

Real shelby

Onnus - Game Supporter

In list of top rich people. :kappa:

Aeri - Supporter

I'm creator of NosVoid Guide Servers.

Noway - Game Supporter

HK forever

NosVoid Tech Contributors

Maybe aka Nyx - Ex Wiki Developer and Tech Helper

Assassin player and I love 69.