"Beta started"

April 10, 2021, 10:46 p.m. | by Killrog

Beta started

Hi folks, as you know we are working on new server since weeks. We are improving it more with new features everyday (there will be more features, stay tuned for #leaks on discord) First of all thanks to @SvC111, @Revox and @Killrog for their helps. :peepoLove: We are planned start closed beta tomorrow.

How many players will be able to participate in beta?
We are want Beta Phase with max 20 players,
if you want join beta and help us you can pm me. (I will try to reply to your messages as soon as possible. :wink:)

What will we do in beta?

We will test our PvE and PvP Part together. Exp, drops, raids, specialists, equipments, events, bug finding. (You won't lose much time, after test exp, drop, raids we will give you everything for test PvP Part.)

How long will beta last?

We are planning keep closed beta open for a one weeks, and then we will release official version with new features.
I just want say from now, we are not 100% done, that's why we are want beta. If you think you have enough time to help us with bug finding or ideas. Just pm me.

Sorry for the inconvenience related to that accident, Best Regards NosVoid :NosVoid2: EDIT: I've chosen testers already, I will write you soon :salute: