"Celebrate Void 2nd Anniversary with us!"

March 21, 2023, 12:49 a.m. | by Purge

Celebrate Void 2nd Anniversary with us!

Hello folks !

NosVoid's turning 2! I'm glad to share that announcement, 1 more year passed and we are still together. We going forward, improving ourselves and trying our best to give you all best experience. Thanks to everyone for trusting us in that project, many new things will be with you in 2023. Sit back and enjoy :)

- We also would like to mention that we will be wiping Reputation, Act4 and Arena Rankings... Read our forum for more details.
- We will have Event Weeks which one will start at 11.04.2023 and we will have new events everyday for 2 weeks. Read our forum for more details.

Don't forget to join our giveaway for our 2nd anniversary! 1. 1500 Void Coins 2. 1000 Void Coins 3. 500 Void Coins How you can join the giveaway? - Subscribe to the NosVoid Youtube channel. - Press on ''like'' button on the video. - Leave your experiences of NosVoid on the comments. (With your nick)