1 - General informations

1.1: Successful registration equals accepting the regulations stated below.
1.2: NosVoid server is international server stated for large community. Official language is English.
1.3: The NosVoid staff is not responsible for players behaviour outside of community. [example: discord private messages / phone calls]

2 - In game Behavior

2.1: Be kind to other players and treat them respectfully. Insulting, threatening, body shaming, homophobic, racist, drug-related, radical or vulgar behavior is strictly forbidden.
2.2: You may not scam. Scamming includes any attempts to deceive users for your own advantage.
2.3: YYou may not spam. Spamming includes repeating to send same or similar massage over and over again.
2.4: Discussing hacks, cheats, bots, bug abuse or any other harmful topics is not allowed.
2.5: Leaking real life things like surname, address or similar without the players consent is forbidden.
2.6: Lending any items to other players is at your own risk. Your items won't be recovered.


3.1: All In Game behavior rules are also valid in discord and will be punished.
3.2: If you get banned you have the right to appeal for unban after 7 days.
3.3: Trading Channel Rules : If you use trading channels wrong you will be punished and your message will get deleted.
3.4: It is not allowed to use pictures channel for any toxicity. Breaking that rule can lead to punishment.
3.5: Trashtalking in any language chats is not allowed and will be punished since we have pvp-chat for things like that.


4.1: Players are allowed to login 3 accounts at the same time.
4.2: You can only use 2 accounts per person for fishing.
4.3: Sharing your account is authorized (not sell, just share). NosVoid staff takes the right to freeze, block access or delete your account if you taking advantage of shared accounts.
4.4: It's strictly forbidden to sell, trade or give your account to third parties for your advantage. NosVoid staff has the right to freeze, block or reset your account.
4.5: It's not authorized to use advantage of multi account on Act4 like killing your own accounts or your friends accounts to farm reputation or daily/monthly quest.
4.6: You are responsible of your account security. We encourage you to never use same data you used anywhere outside of NosVoid.
4.7: If you are 2 or more peoples playing together on the same IP, you need to open a ticket to register to our multi-account authorized list. If not, we might punish you if we see you using more than 2x accounts in raids.
4.7.1: Once in the list, you need to keep us updated about any changes (new names, new alt accounts), otherwise you might get punish.
4.8: If you are registered in our multi-account authorized list, it doesn't mean you can trade every reward to the same "main" account. The multi account list is for 2 people really playing the game. We will check thoroughly every registrations and we will ask for proofs.

5 - Client manipulation - hacking, botting...

5.1: Hacking is strictly forbidden and hackers will be permanently banned.
5.1.1: Players cannot have locked group invite when they are farming/fishing. Also players need to reply to staff when they are farming/fishing otherwise they will be treated like a bot.
5.2: Abusing bugs or glitches is not allowed. Any bugs have to be reported immediately. Hiding any bugs will lead to strict punishments.
5.3: Any client-modification is strictly forbidden, including package sending tools.
5.4: You may not use any mechanic that involves afk farming.
5.5: You may not use any mechanic that involves automation your in-game progress.
5.6: The usage and abuse of any bug, macro, cheat, exploits of in-game mechanics and 3rd party programs to gain unfair advantage will be strictly punished.
5.7: The abuse of pet farming is forbidden and will be punished.
5.8: You are not allowed to be with 3 Accounts on the same Farm Map (Angel, Full Moon, etc.)
5.9: During A4 you may not use task manager to log out on purpose while being hit just to avoid the fight/dead.


6.1: You are not allowed to do following contents with more than 2 accounts same time: Fishing, Raids, Caligor, World Boss, Asgobas Instant Combat, Tower Game and Family Tower.
6.1.2: It's not allowed to do any other content with another account in that time - like 2 fishing and 1 raiding is forbidden.
6.2: You are not allowed to be with more than 1 account in AoT, RBB, Meteorite Game, Color PvP and Bomb Runner.
6.2.1: It's not allowed to do any other content with other accounts in that time.
6.3: It's not allowed to farm with more than 2 accounts (Gold, Angel Feather, Full Moon, etc.)
6.3.1: It's not allowed to do any other content with another account in that time - like 2 farming and 1 raiding is forbidden.
Betting, trading and chatting is not considered as content.
It also includes using more than one IP to take advantage or try to bypass this rule.
6.4: You are allowed to do TimeSpace and Instant Combat with 3 accounts.
6.5: You can only attack Caligor with 1 account at the same time.
6.5.1: You're not allowed to use skills to move Caligor.
6.6: You are not allowed to be afk in RBB and AoT. If you join those events you need to be active and participate in it. That also includes sitting in RBB. Otherwise you will be punished.
6.7: You can be in arena with 2 accounts but you'll get punished if you hit players with more than 1 character. So it only includes being on stairs. Also using a character for debuff is forbidden. If you play 1 account you should only use this one.
6.8: You have to respond to staff when they're sending a message, that also includes raiding. If you don't answer during a raid and still joining it, you will be considered as a bot.

7 - Real World Trading

7.1: Account selling and buying is strictly forbidden. That includes real money, ingame gold and NosVoid coins. Same goes for trading items/gold for other private/official server items/gold. It will be considered as real world trading.
7.2: Buying/Selling/Trading items/gold/accounts for other game currencies/other game accounts is also considered as real world trading.
7.3: Every proof will be judged extremely cautiously by NosVoid staff. Proofs include discord chats, WhatsApp messages, videos, Facebook, in-game messages, etc.
7.4: Faking real world trading proofs will lead to a strict punishment.
7.5: Trying to buy/sell items/accounts/gold is considered as real world trading.
7.6: Helping, acting as Middleman or advertising RWT for someone else will end up in a permanent ban of all your accounts.


8.1: If you discover a break of rules contact NosVoid staff and proof the case with screenshots.
8.1.1: It's not allowed to edit the screenshot, neither it can be older than 2 days.
8.2: Insults, threats, homophobic, racism, hard sexism, body shaming, sharing irl informations, etc.
8.2.1: Remember that there are differences between what someone find offensive. Insults are not always insults.
8.2.2: Only NosVoid staff will identify what is considered as insult and what is not. Every case will be checked by itself.
8.2.3: Punishments will be increased if you break rules more often and can also lead to a ban to permanent ban.
8.2.4: In the case of a player using an alt account to break rules, NosVoid staff will punish the main account accordingly to rules.
8.3: Botting, 3rd party programs, macros, afk mob killing, using fun SPs summoning skills to farm mobs [may vary depending on the situation]
8.3.1: First Time : 2 weeks ban / Second time : perma ban without unban request [IP unban possible]
8.4: Stealing Mobs
8.5: You automatically get 2 hours of mute when you leave the Rainbow Battle.
8.6: Multi Account (more than 3 accounts connected at the same time, Punishment increases depending on the number of accounts)
8.7: Breaking rules of max. allowed accounts for events and in-game content [check 6.1.] Punishment increases depending on the number of account.
8.8: Attacking players/caligor with more than 1 account in arena/caligor
8.9: Killing alt accounts or friend accounts in a4 to take advantage
8.10: Abusing $unstuck command or task manager in a4